Graphites For Weight Loss

Graphites for Weight LossAs we age, our hormones begin to change and this can change the way our body functions. One example of this is women going through peri-menopause. These women experience a number of changes to their body, including unexplained weight gain – mainly in the belly and upper thighs. For some, this process begins in their 40’s, while others begin experiencing changes in their 30’s.

Anyone who experiences changes to their metabolism will have some weight gain. This is inevitable as we age. One tool that can combat this weight gain is Graphites. They have been used to treat various issues, including weight gain. Research has shown it to be especially useful helping women fighting weight gain due to peri-menopause. Graphites have been recommended for the treatment of disorders affecting metabolism and the absorption of certain nutrients.

We have added Graphites to our Amino Diet Plus drops because studies have shown them to have a positive impact on people who are overweight, obese, unable to absorb certain nutrients, or those who have a sluggish metabolism.

Although it isn’t the main reason we have added them, Graphites have been used in therapies of the skin as well as treatment for cold sensitivity. That could mean that people struggling with complexion or circulation issues can also benefit from the supplementation of this powerful weight loss tool.

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