Good, Better, And Best Food Choices

Amino Diet Food ChoicesWhen looking at things in life and making decisions, it is often not a choice between a good thing and a bad thing. It is most often a choice between a good thing, a better thing, and the best thing. It is that way with eating, too, especially with the Liquid Amino Diet.

When following the Liquid Amino Diet, you are asked to choose from certain foods at certain times. This doesn’t mean that one food is necessarily better than another, it just means it is best for the time, or phase, you are in. For instance, we have many people ask us why they can’t have melons on phase 1. It’s not because melons are bad for you, they are healthy fruits, but are not allowed until phase 2 just because they don’t help you lose weight as fast as other fruit options.

Now this doesn’t mean that you absolutely can’t have them, we do allow for the fact that every”body” is different and will react differently to different foods. Therefore, you can try other foods within reason as cautionary items. If you see a stall or a gain in weight, then you shouldn’t continue to eat them. If you lose as you did before, you are fine to continue to eat them. Remember, they are still good foods. This isn’t free reign to try adding bread or pasta, but you can try different fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Remember that bananas, potatoes, corn, and pork are still absolute no’s on the program.

Also, a good reminder is that fresh, whole foods that you prepare are always better than processed foods. We recommend fresh first, frozen second, and processed last. Processed, pre-packaged foods have lots of preservatives, added sugars, and other things that make them unhealthy to eat regularly.

When you are on phase 3 of the diet and trying to maintain the weight you have lost, remember that there are even more choices. Brown is better than white. So, brown rice, whole grain breads, etc. Lean meats are better than fatty meats. Whole foods are always better than processed foods. It’s still a good idea to eat small meals more often throughout the day so your metabolism keeps going. Remember, also, that moderation is the key. We don’t say you can never have a piece of cake again, we just want you to limit it to special occasions and only one small piece when you do have it.

Enjoy your diet and the weight you are losing. Remember, that the best you is in there waiting to come out. Once you get there, stay strong and keep that best you for a long time by following the good, better, best mantra.

Certified Health Coaches are available to help you make that decision at any time throughout your program, and even after. Call 1-800-980-7208 to speak with one right now! 

Author: Liquid Amino Diet Health Coach Kim L. 

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