Four Tips to Shape Your Body

healthy woman outsideShaping your body takes some time and requires changing your body composition. Body composition refers to the ratio of lean tissue and fatty tissue on the body.  Lean tissue can include bone, muscle and organs.  Fatty tissue is composed of three different categories:  Essential fat, non-essential fat and storage fat.  Essential fat and storage fat are necessary for the body to perform optimally.  Non-essential fat has no special purpose and may cause many health problems, especially when there is an excess of non-essential fat.  As we age, we often experience decreases of lean tissue and increases in fatty tissue, especially non-essential fat.  This causes what is known as “middle age spread” or mid-section fat and was once considered an inevitable effect of aging.  We have since learned that there are changes we can make to our lifestyle to help prevent or reverse this problem.

Exercise:  Yes, exercise.  For our early ancestors, exercise was simply a daily part of life, involving long periods of physical activity while hunting and gathering.  Our bodies have yet to adjust to the modern lifestyles that include sedentary jobs and long commutes in cars.  Physical activity is absolutely necessary in speeding metabolism, losing fat and gaining muscle.  Exercise regulates hormones and even helps boost insulin production, helping us get more energy from our blood glucose.  Full aerobic exercises and weight-bearing exercises work well for burning fat and increasing muscle.  Short bursts of anaerobic exercise including sprinting and fast weight training can also work wonders for building muscle mass and burning fat.

Ditch the soda:  No one needs it and it can severely harm our health, regardless of whether it is regular soda or diet.  Soda can harm blood sugar levels, increase our risk of diabetes and cause us to pack on the calories.  Diet soda has been shown to be a factor in obesity, believed to be caused by tricking the body into expecting calories that are not delivered in the soda, causing overeating.  Simply drop the soda to improve health and improve body composition.

Drop empty carbohydrates:  The body needs some carbohydrates but it does not need the empty, processed carbs that come from soda, junk food, sugar and most commercially prepared products.  Focus on getting carbohydrates from fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes as well as whole grain foods.  Pay attention to how many calories come from carbohydrates and which carbohydrates are being incorporated into the diet.  Simply dropping the less nutritious carbohydrates can work wonders for the waist line.

Maintain optimal blood sugar levels: The body does not respond well to high blood sugar levels nor does it do well with low blood sugar levels. The key to changing your body composition and melting the body fat is to keep your blood sugar in the “optimal zone”. If you have the habit of skipping breakfast and barely remembering to eat throughout the day, then you start your day with very low blood sugar. Then when you get a chance to finally eat, it’s usually something “quick” and more often than not loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugars. This quick binge causes your blood sugar to spike. It doesn’t matter whether it’s spiking or crashing, anytime you are outside of the optimal blood sugar zone your hormones will tell your body to store fat and it is usually in the mid-section. You can maintain optimal blood sugar levels by eating low glycemic foods throughout the day, starting with a healthy breakfast.

The Amino Diet can help with all of these issues because it will teach you how to drop those empty carbohydrates and is structured to help maintain a steady blood sugar level through eating often throughout the day. It will also teach you to make healthy food choices and how to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. If you have questions about this or wish to start losing weight today, call our certified health coaches, Toll Free 1-800-980-7208 or visit our Facebook page at

Authored by Dr. Humble Finsand

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