Foods To Avoid On The Liquid Amino Diet

What can't you eat on the Amino DietThe Liquid Amino Diet protocol and drops are all about creating balance in your body. However, because people respond differently to different foods, you can try substitutions not found on the approved foods list, we call these “cautionary items”. Be careful and use discretion – we don’t mean substitute a slice of pizza for a protein. You can try adding in different fruits and vegetables but when you try a substitution, you need to look for a stall or a gain the following day. If you see one, you need to cut them back out. Below are some foods you should NEVER have while on the diet:

  • Bananas are a healthy carbohydrate however, they can raise sugar levels.
  • Potatoes are full of starch and cause a rapid increase in blood sugar. They actually affect the blood sugar levels in a way similar to pure sugar itself.
  • Corn (including popcorn) – creates the same response in the body as potatoes.
  • Pork is high in saturated fat and is not good for the diet. While it does have less fat now than 20 years ago, it is still higher in saturated fat than other meats. Saturated fats can cause blockages in the arteries and be detrimental to overall good health. Even after the diet, you should eat it in moderation.
  • Soda is full of sugar which doesn’t allow for the rapid weight loss that we want.  Diet soda can be even worse. As you drink beverages full of artificial sweeteners like aspartame or suclarose you begin to crave that sweet flavor and things like fruits and vegetables can lose their appeal. Because diet soda has no calories it can cause an increase in appetite that can lead to overeating and because you have poured so much insulin into your body, it can turn whatever you do eat into fat. (It is important to note that other drinks like crystal light are also sweetened with aspartame or sucralose and should be avoided during phase 1 as well.)
  • Remember, also, that you shouldn’t be having any saturated fat or processed foods that have on their labels; “hydrogenated” or partially hydrogenated” vegetable oils. These fats have a negative effect on how the body uses insulin.

One last thing to watch out for is caffeine. Remember that you should limit your caffeine intake to one or two cups per day. Caffeinated beverages cannot be counted towards your daily water intake since caffeine is a diuretic and will actually flush fluids from your system.  Decaf tea and grain coffee make excellent alternatives and can count towards your water goal. Read more about caffeine and LAD here!

Although we do have some flexibility with the approved foods, the list that is included in your booklet is the main list you should use. Those foods were chosen for calorie counts, nutritional value, and to maximize your results. If you try a caution food and aren’t losing as fast as you’d like – go back to ONLY the approved foods list.

Have questions about a particular food or any questions about the Liquid Amino Diet? Give the certified health coaches a call at 1-800-980-7208.




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