Exercise… How Much Is the Bare Minimum?

What the bare minimum on exercise Whether you choose to follow the ACTIVE protocol or not it is always recommended and beneficial to get a little bit of exercise each day.

The American College of Cardiology and the American College of Sports Medicine both say that 5-10 minutes of continuous movement repeated during the day is the bare minimum. In 5-7 minutes, you begin to feel the endorphin rush so try three 10-minute workouts a day or six 5-minute workouts a day. Ideally exercise 30 total minutes per day, at least 3-5 times a week.

If you are new to exercise, are recovering from an injury, or just trying to “Get Back Into It” than start slow, find your limits and increase it little by little until you reach 30 minutes per day.  The type of exercise is less important than finding something that you enjoying doing and becoming consistent at doing it daily.  Our Health Coaches are available 7 days/week to help you get started. Visit our support page on facebook or call us at 1-800-980-7208.

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