Exercise and the Liquid Amino Diet

Do you need to exercise on the Amino DietIs Exercise Required On The Liquid Amino Diet?

No! During Phase 1 (the main weight loss phase) of the liquid Amino Diet, exercise is encouraged but it is NOT mandatory. There are 3 different zones that you can work out in. Zone one and two are mode rate exercise like 30 minutes of speed walking, or 20 minutes of swimming laps, etc. Zone 3 is where you combine weight training with more intense cardio work and exercise for at least 60 minutes. On days that you exercise in zone 2 for 60+ minutes or any zone 3 workout, you will need to follow the ACTIVE program, as outlined in our Liquid Amino Diet guidebook.

Click here to read more about the workout zones.

The Exclusive Liquid Amino Diet Active Program

The Liquid Amino Diet ACTIVE program is a very simple protocol, which keeps the same approved foods list and meal plans but increases calories and adds protein to keep your body from entering a starvation mode. The best part about the protocol is that you can choose when to follow it; for example: If you want to work out in zone three only 2 days during the week then on those 2 days you will follow the Active protocol, on any days that you don’t exercise in zone three then you will follow the regular phase 1 protocol.

Remember, on days that you don’t work out enough to follow the active protocol you should still strive to do some physical activity. Research has proven that regular physical activity can:

  • Burn calories to help you lose and manage your weight.
  • Combat chronic disease.
  • Increase overall wellness.
  • Boost metabolism to increase your energy levels.
  • Reduce stress and improve sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and many other conditions. It’s not a cure but it can have a tremendous positive impact.
  • Enhance your self-esteem, it improves the way you perceive yourself and your abilities.

Both of the complete Liquid Amino Diet ACTIVE program and the regular Liquid Amino Diet program are included in the Liquid Amino Diet booklet that you get when you order.

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