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Amino Diet Review: Elizabeth lost 95 pounds!

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013

“I started the Amino Diet on August 27th.  Like most people I was so tired of trying every diet that didn’t work.  I’d counted points, I’d microwaved disgusting pre-packaged meals, I’d starved, I’d purged…I had truly done it all.  I was wearing a size 22…  I was on facebook and saw the link and thought…OK, why not. I read the testimonials and made my purchase. Honestly – I wasn’t expecting it to work.

Weight Loss Program Review

As the pounds started coming off I was becoming more and more of a believer… especially when I pushed past 20 lbs and never looked back (20 lbs was where every other diet stopped working). I started measuring when I gained a pound one week and that week I had lost a total of 4.5 inches.

Amino Diet Weight Loss Program

The proof in the pudding for me was when my physician wanted to know what diet I was on.  Not because of concern or to make sure it was healthy for me…but because SHE wanted to go on it too after reviewing my blood work!

As of today, I’ve lost almost 60 inches and over 95 pounds! Thank you Amino Diet! I fit into a size 6  at Talbots today :-)  I was pretty excited!  A pencil skirt and a sheath dress with NO give! LOL” 

If you are ready to join Elizabeth and thousands of others that have lost weight on the Amino Diet,  give the health coaches a call at 1-800-980-7208!


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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.

Comments (8)

  1. Jamie Says:

    Wow! You look great Elizabeth! Congratulations on your success! I saw your post on the Amino Diet Facebook page that you’ve actually lost more than that now? Wahoo!

  2. Michelle Davies Says:

    Congrats Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing and inspiring others! You look great!

  3. Carie Says:

    Elizabeth this is great! Conratulations! You look great. I am looking into the amino diet right now!

  4. angelica Says:

    Wow that is great! You look great!

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth! After reading your story and seeing your pics I’m going to order and try it for myself.

  6. Ida Says:

    Congratz you look great .. I started my Amino diet on friday 4/19/13 and I already went down 4 lbs over the weekend.. Im so excited. I hope I can lose tons of weight that way I can share my story and inspire others to purchase Amino diet

  7. ramiza Says:

    yes it works

  8. Idella Says:

    Wow you look fabulous and I’m happy for you and like you I too wear size 22 and l don’t like the way I look. I have lost weight before .I lost a total of 70 lbs. But that was 13yrs. ago. I’m ready to go back to that page .so heeeeelllllllppppp..


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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.