Eliminating Toxicity & Stabilizing Blood Sugar

Detox and weight loss with Amino DietHow the Dual Support Supplement helps us Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Improve Health 

Many of us may suffer from signs of toxicity yet mistake these symptoms for other ailments, stress, or simply being overworked.  We may even engage in certain activities we believe will treat these symptoms but actually aggravate the problems of toxemia even further.  If we complain of constant fatigue, find ourselves snacking on sugar throughout the day, have a sluggish metabolism or are otherwise unable to lose weight, we might be suffering from toxicity.  This may even get worse if we do not modify our diet and engage in the necessary steps to rid our bodies of these toxins.

The ugly truth is that environmental and dietary toxins can make us fat and even cause type 2 diabetes.  Toxins accumulating in the liver can eventually result in hepatotoxicity – a condition where chemical toxins result in liver failure.  We need to reverse this constant assault on our systems and detoxify if we wish to become healthy again.  Amino Diet understands this reality and has developed the Dual Support supplement, complete with detoxification enzymes, to give us the resources we need to safely purge these toxins from our bodies.  This is done in two complimentary and comprehensive phases to get the most impact from the supplement:

  1. In Phase One, crucial enzymes and oxygen are used by the liver in order to burn toxins.  This process, known as oxidation, causes the toxins to become soluble in water.  When this occurs, these toxins are more easily secreted by the liver and kidneys, allowing them to be excreted from the body in the form of human waste.  As most toxins are fat-soluble rather than water-soluble, these are difficult if not impossible to be removed from the body via the liver unless they can become soluble in water.
  2. In Phase Two, the body uses different enzymes to rid itself of the toxins produced during the first phase of detoxification.  In this second phase, the liver performs an additional process known as conjugation, in which oxidized chemicals are combined with sulfur, specific amino acids or organic acids so the toxins can be excreted in bile.  This allows for the safe and complete detoxification of the body.

These fundamental detoxification enzymes are also combined with activated B vitamins to maximize the effects while also improving metabolism.  B vitamins are crucial for metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and protein for energy production.  These vitamins also help support DNA synthesis and the central nervous system, thus being crucial for overall human health.  In addition to the B vitamins, a whole host of antioxidants are included in this formula in order to minimize or potentially reverse damage done by toxins or other free radicals.  The results of this system will cause noticeable improvements in health, including a stabilization of blood sugar, increased energy levels and an initial weight loss.  Those suffering from chronic fatigue or otherwise suffering from near-constant sugar cravings will also see a lessening of these symptoms.

The accumulation of toxins in the body may have occurred over a course of years or decades, especially if we have eaten a diet that relies heavily on processed foods, are inactive, or have been exposed to environmental hazards.  There is no reason to assume this will improve if there have been no changes to diet, lifestyle or environment.  Even with these changes, the toxins will not be purged from the system on its own without deliberate detoxification.   The safe and effective removal of toxins is fundamental to health, which is why it is a fundamental part of the Amino Diet Diabetic Program, and is also why Dr. Finsand highly recommends Dual Support for daily use even after the program.  This program is part of our commitment to you, backed by solid science, numerous testimonials from satisfied clients and even a money back guarantee.  While many fad diets promote some sort of weight loss, they may not take into consideration a person’s entire health or the causes of the weight gain.   Address the root of the problem by taking a holistic approach to health.

Health coaches are available to answer questions at 800-980-7208.

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