Eating Fruit before a workout

Eating a fruit before your workout on Amino DietBy following the ACTIVE program and taking our Amino Diet Plus formulation you can safely exercise while on The Liquid Amino Diet. There are some guidelines you have to follow and one of them is eating a fruit before a workout.

At night we deplete our liver glycogen (source of carbohydrate that maintains our blood sugar levels). If you start a workout with low blood sugar, you’ll fatigue faster, resulting in a less effective workout. Because of this we recommend eating one of your fruit servings before you work out in the morning while on the ACTIVE Plan. Fruit is a good source of natural sugar or glucose, which is the preferred energy source while working out. Eating the right thing before a work out can help you perform throughout your exercises and can prevent hunger during your workout.
Fruit has so many healthy benefits, a few of them are:

  • Multiple Anti-oxidants
  • Gives you energy to exercise
  • Helps control your weight
  • Can help lower your blood pressure
  • Loaded with vitamins

Fruit is one of the more natural and healthy foods on earth! And there are hundreds of different types of fruit to eat. It’s also a great way to get some quick energy and get a serving of vitamins and minerals to help you throughout the day!

The complete ACTIVE program has been added to The Liquid Amino Diet guide book from Dr. Finsand which will be included in each Amino Diet purchase. Visit our website or call our Health Coaches at 1-800-980-7208.

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