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Does the Amino Diet Work For Men? Pete lost 36 pounds and 25 inches!

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013

Weight Loss Program for Men

I feel great!  This is literally the easiest diet I have ever tried!  I haven’t been as hungry as I was on other diets, and found that even though this diet has restrictions, I wasn’t craving those other foods as much. The easiest part was watching the weight fall off!  The only hard part I found was being limited in my food choices and being consistent with taking my drops every day. The best part was how fast the weight came off if I followed the program and I feel really good about eating clean.Amino Diet InformationWeight Loss For Men

At day 63, I’ve lost 36.9 lbs and 25.75 total inches!   I’m a little over halfway to my goal, but I fully intend to stick with this program until I meet it. I did have a visit with my chiropractor and I was telling him about how since starting this diet, I no longer feel pain in my hip and knees.  He agreed that by eliminating all of the processed foods, sugars, and carbohydrates, and by eating all the fresh foods, the inflammation that causes the discomfort in my joints would be eliminated. I hear people commenting all the time about how I’ve obviously lost weight, it’s one of the first things they notice now.   It’s great when I haven’t seen someone in more than a month and they look at me in shock at how much weight I’ve lost and how fast.  I work with several women and they are all asking me for more information on LAD.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.