Customer Service And The Liquid Amino Diet

Amino Diet Health CoachesThe support of our health coaches is available 7 days a week for those who purchase the program.  They can give valuable information and insights to help you personalize your plan in terms of exercise and nutrition. We have seen this to be true with thousands of our successful customers from our previous program, The Liquid HCG Diet.

A Duke University study looked at how well such support worked to help over 1,000 people keep weight off after initial weight loss.  They looked at people who didn’t use a coach, those that used web site information and those that interacted monthly with personal coaches.  After 2 and ½ years, the group that had been coached fared far better in terms of keeping the weight off.

After you order our product, join our facebook group, make friends and get tips from others who are also on the program and share similar weight loss goals.  Don’t forget to utilize our Health Coaches for ultimate success.   Call  (800) 980-7208 to speak with one today!

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