Consistency is the Key to a Healthier You

Consistency to get healthy

Everybody wants to be healthy.  Many people begin a regimen of exercise and a healthier diet only to burn out because they tried to do too much, too soon.  If they have been inactive for years and want to lose weight immediately, they may try running a mile or more rather than walking a shorter distance and building up strength and endurance.  They injure themselves rather than lose weight and then they get depressed, consider themselves hopeless and stop.

This same thing happens to people who decide that it is time to start a healthy diet.  They make immediate, dramatic changes and discover that that the foods they are eating have become monotonous, so they start eating more junk food and packaged foods rather than explore a maintainable, healthy diet that can be fun and versatile, all because they hit an extreme that they were not able to maintain.

Consistency is the key and it takes time, effort and a bunch of little steps to get into a healthy groove.  If we decide to take the stairs at work one day, plan on spending the time to take the stairs on other days of the week.  If you make a point to take a 30-minute brisk walk on Monday, make certain that you have planned for and manage other 30-minute brisk walks on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  If you made a healthy lunch on Monday, it is not an excuse to eat fast food on Tuesday.  Make it a habit to always bring a healthy lunch on each day of the week.

It is surprisingly easy to form a habit, even a good habit.  You just have to get started and make the extra effort in the beginning.  It probably did not take you long to learn to check e-mails at certain times of the day, once you became accustomed to having e-mails.  This same thing is true for other, healthy lifestyle changes.  If the desire is there, it can be done.

Remember to ask yourself how old you will be in a year if you start and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Then ask yourself how old you will be in a year if you keep doing exactly what you have been doing.  You will be a year older no matter what you do – but you have the choice in determining where you want to be in that year.  It really is that simple.

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