Vegetarian Week: Conscious Living

Being Conscious of What you eatWhat exactly is conscious living? For our purposes “conscious living” refers to awareness and changing your lifestyle to a more healthy and mindful one. For example, due to our hectic schedules many find it more relaxing to watch television and eat at the same time. In instances like this, we can easily become unaware or distracted and quickly eat or drink far more than our daily-allotted calories – this is the opposite of conscious living.

The Liquid Amino Diet is not only a weight loss aid, but also an opportunity to change your outlook on food. Become aware of what you eat and how it makes you feel (energetic, tired, and irritable). Developing this skill will help you to gain control and learn to choose consciously what to put in your body. Moreover, everyone will notice the difference as you lose weight and gain confidence.

Remember, keeping healthy foods around the house will reduce the temptation to cheat. When reading labels at your local grocer it is generally a good idea to look for items with fewer ingredients and things that are easily pronounceable. Avoid artificial additives, sugars, and preservatives. As far as packaging goes, look for bulk items or earth friendly containers. Purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and meats/fish rather than prepackaged or canned foods. Try to keep in mind the saying “If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t eat it.” Do not eat refined carbohydrates/simple sugars. These foods cause a rapid rise in insulin and when eaten in excess, cause your body to store fat.

Vegetarians are very conscious eaters and if you have committed to Vegetarian Week then you have probably already learned how having a vegetarian diet can benefit you. Many people find that beyond the health benefits, it can also help you with mental clarity and an overall feeling of wellness. Remember that we recommend at least one meal be vegetarian each day – this can include tofu, beans, eggs, etc. Eating this way can be an adjustment, but becoming conscious of your habits will help you improve your health and quality of life

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