Combating Obesity with Proper Nutrition and Exercise

healthy diet and exerciseHealthy diets and moderate exercise have long been touted as the cure-alls for America’s obesity epidemic.  More research is showing just how true that conventional wisdom is.  A study in the September, 2008, issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that middle-aged Amish adults who had the so-called “obesity gene” were able to stay at a healthy weight simply by enduring more physical activity.  The obesity associated (FTO) gene is present in nearly half of all people with a European heritage, who in turn are 30%-60% more likely to be fat or obese.  Even though the Amish culture embraces large meals, the physical activity they enjoy throughout the day trumps their large calorie intake and enables them to stay thin. 

Though physical exercise may be a factor in losing and/or maintaining a healthy weight, it is not the only factor.  Researchers from Loyola University Health System along with other health centers did a study comparing the diets and lifestyles of African American women in the Chicago metropolitan area to women living in Nigeria.  They noted that while the Nigerian women were no more physically active than their Chicago counterparts, they were on average almost 60 pounds thinner due to a healthier diet which is low in refined carbohydrates, while being high in fiber.

So while both diet and exercise can help people stay thin, the combination of a healthy diet and exercise may be just what is needed by those who are no longer thin.  While critics of an exercise-focused regimen note that increased exercise causes us to eat more, eating more of the right foods combined with exercise enables us to see the benefits of both.  In addition, exercise improves blood pressure levels, lowers cholesterol and even improves brain function.  Taking simple steps such as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables while staying more active can help us shed the pounds and feel better.  This, in turn, can help lower the risk for many chronic illnesses and inflammation.

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Author: Dr. Humble Finsand

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