Chew That Food!

Benefits of well chewed foodAs a child, we are told to chew our food, and there was good reason for it. Thoroughly chewing food well help improve digestion and is a good habit to cultivate while on the Liquid Amino Diet because it gives your stomach more time to signal when it is full.

Your saliva also carries different enzymes, one of which is called salivary amylase, which breaks down the chemical bond in the food. There is also an enzyme that helps for digesting the fat we eat, called lingual lipase. Another important part of saliva is epidermal growth factor (EGF) which actually helps to grow and heal any injuries or inflammation in your intestinal tissue.

Chewing your food thoroughly and slowly helps eases the digestion process in the stomach and can also help to make sure you don’t inhale too much air which can lead to discomfort, such as burping. Take the time to enjoy your food and chew it thoroughly.

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