I really don't know how to begin to tell my story, but here it is. I am a Diabetic with serious Heart problems and five years ago my cardiologist told me that I was very unhealthy and I need to lose some weight or I was going to lose my life.

I tried almost every diet out there only to have failed, it seemed as if nothing was going to help. My daughter in law told me about a letter she received from Dr Humble Finsand stating that he was looking for participants for his Program, Amino Diet for Diabetics, I made that phone call and met with him and he accepted me for his study. I am and will forever be grateful to him. I started this diet on Jan.28, 2013 weighing 264 pounds, I wore size 26 in pants and 4x in tops. My goal was to become healthy and lose weight, but mostly I wanted to be healthy! Today March,28, 2013 I weigh 240 pounds and am wearing size 22 pant(I can squeeze into a 20 Yippie!!)and a 2x in tops, and I have lost several inches! The best part is yet to comeā€¦. I have lowered my blood sugars from 325 to 145. I am taking less insulin, and off three of my medicines. I can finely sleep without taking pills to help! (YAY!!!) And I am feeling Great! But best of all I can now walk up & down my stairs to do thelaundry without having to pause every few steps. Run and play with my grankids, Go on walks, dance with them on their video dance games. And I am training for my first marathon with my daughter in June (if someone asked me to do that 3 months ago I would have thought that they were CRAZY) Dr Finsand and Liquid Amino Diet made this possible. I know that I will succeed!

This has been the easiest diet for me and the support is great! Angie @ LAD is fantastic , She always called me to see how I was doing, gave me helpful hints and encouragement! I could not have done this without theLAD team.

If anyone who reads this is questioning if they should try it my answer to you is Yes, just try it you will not have any regrets. LAD has made it easy for someone to follow. I know that when the study is over I will be able to continue on my own with out fear of failure. I don't like to call this a DIET, I call it a Life Change and a Darn Good One at that.

Thank You Dr Finsand and LAD ! You All ROCK!!!