Can The Negative Effects of Aging Be Reversed?

Good news – it can! And of course, it means you have to lose weight. The loss of body fat stabilizes a lot of natural processes, and will slow down the degeneration of your cells. Oxidative stress, which is caused by free radicals – is abundant in obese people. The only way to combat it, is to introduce diet, exercise and supplementation! In other words the Liquid Amino Diet.

When you introduce antioxidants into your body with good food and better supplements, they destroy the free radicals that float around your body causing havoc. Where do free radicals come from? Aside from sugar and muscle degeneration, they come from alcohol, chemical compounds that build in your body, bad fat, dehydration, artificial food coloring and preservatives, stress and over the counter medication.

All of these things can be eliminated from your life with the Liquid Amino Diet and our “Dual Detox” supplement. When your body doesn’t work properly, and your metabolism is in disrepair, you open yourself up to premature aging and disease. Excessive body fat creates dysfunction in your body. Once you commit to losing weight, you’ll start to rebalance your body on every level.

From building up your muscle mass, to improving the elasticity of your skin – it’s all possible with weight loss. So why do so many thinner old people look far older than their fatter friends? It’s possible to be very thin, and still have an unbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle. In this instance, free radicals are still able to take hold and cause damage. It makes sense that no matter what your body size, without exercise and proper nutrition, aging is going to accelerate.

When you stop giving your body what it needs to stay young and healthy, it has no choice but to fall victim to dysfunction. Good general health and a balanced life naturally means that the ravages of aging will be delayed. When you are conscious about what you put into your body, harmony occurs. It’s strange how people have become so disassociated with their bodies. Even though we experience enormous side effects of ill health, we ignore it. The cycle continues.

The first step to reversing the signs of aging is to lose weight. There are so many excellent side effects once you’ve done this, that have nothing to do with looking good. Your memory will improve, you’ll feel stronger and more capable – it will even improve your natural thought processes. If you want to look younger on the outside and the inside, then weight loss is your only option. The second step is to be sure that your daily diet is abundant with vegetables, fruits and other whole foods packed with phytonutrients that your body so desperately needs.  Lastly, be sure to cleanse your kidneys and liver from heavy metals and other toxins and supplement with a strong anti-oxidant. The Liquid Amino “Dual Detox” supplement will help you do both.

If you ignore this advice, your body will continue to deteriorate. It’s time to build your body up, instead of tearing it down! If you have questions regarding the Liquid Amino Diet or the Dual Detox supplement call our certified health coaches, Toll Free at 1-800-980-7208 or visit our Facebook page at

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