Buckwheat, Gluten Free and Helps with Blood Sugar

healthy seed, buckwheatBuckwheat is an amazing seed. It can be cultivated at the highest altitudes. It was first domesticated in Asia around 6,000 BC and has been documented in the Balkans region around 4,000 BC. It got its name because of the triangular seeds that resemble the beech nut from the beech tree. Although used similarly to other grains and cereals, it is neither; it is a fruit and more closely related to sorrel and rhubarb. It is also lower on the Glycemic Index than grains.

Buckwheat is used like a grain, mostly as flour. It is a good binding agent. It is used in Asia to make “soba” noodles. It should be used fresh because it doesn’t have a long shelf life. It is best kept in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  It is often mixed with other grains for livestock feed. The toasted form is called “kasha” and is popular in Europe.

Buckwheat is a wonderful seed that satisfies hunger and keeps you satiated which is great when trying to lose weight, because it is high in fiber. It has more protein than millet and is high in lysine and arginine, which are essential amino acids. It is known as a complete protein because it contains all eight essential amino acids. It is naturally gluten free. It is high in manganese and magnesium. It is high in flavonoids, especially rutin, which is a phytonutrient that protects against disease by extending the action of vitamin C and acting as an antioxidant and is known to strengthen capillary walls. It is nutritionally superior to grains, including oats, in its amino acid composition. It is also high in phytochemicals which help protect against disease by acting as antioxidants.

The protein characteristics in buckwheat help to enhance the ability of the body to reduce and stabilize blood sugar levels. It can help with reducing hypertension because it reduces the activity of angiotensin converting enzymes, or ACE. It has been shown to lower the risk of developing high blood pressure. It also helps with cardiovascular system and lowers the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Some research now suggests that whole grains and buckwheat can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It can even help to prevent gallstones because of its’ insoluble fiber.

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Authored by Kim

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