Breaking the Diet Cycle

Tips to help you stick to your dietObesity is a common problem in the US, and even people who are not yet “obese” may feel the need to eliminate excess fat. Thus the emergence of diets, extra diets, diet fads, and more diets. Many people try a number of different diets, and successfully lose weight, only to regain it as soon as they are off the diet. The following is a look at how to break the diet cycle:

    1. Find a diet that will help you lose pounds fast.
      If you do not see results, you are going to quit that diet, and wait for a new one to come along that you do see results with. So, make sure that when you are trying to break the diet cycle that you choose a diet that is going to give you results so that you have the motivation you need to stay on the healthy path and keep the weight off, and keep losing. A diet like The Liquid Amino Diet where you can lose around a pound a day is a great example. It is short term, and helps you lose pounds fast.
    2. Learn what it takes to maintain
      If you want to break the diet cycle you have to learn what makes YOU gain weight, and what you need to do to keep the weight you lost off. This means learn some healthy living tips, and learn tricks for avoiding the things that make you gain. It is different for everyone. For example, your pitfall might be stress eating. So learning to manage your stress in a healthy way that is not eating is going to help you maintain.
    3. Exercise
      If you want to break the diet cycle it is time to boost your metabolism, and exercise is just the way to do it. Not only does exercise strengthen your heart, build muscles, and help your body get rid of toxins, but it is also going to prime your body for weight loss, and healthy weight maintenance. Exercising burns calories, and this will help you stay at the proper weight. So, start exercising a minimum of fifteen minutes a day, where you get your heart rate elevated, and try to build up to at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week. Remember while on the LCD portion of The Liquid Amino Diet it is recommended that you do 20-30 minutes of light cardio daily, if you choose to do more than that you can follow the ACTIVE protocol.
    4. Avoid stress
      Stress does bad things to our bodies, and one of those things is to makes us hold on to excess weight. So, if you want to break the dieting cycle, first learn ways that you can rid yourself of stress. This does not mean drop the things in your life that cause you stress, as your job, family, etc. can cause you stress, but find healthy ways to process that stress so that it does not affect your body. Exercise can help, or doing something that relaxes you, such as reading a good book, shopping, or talking to friends.
    5. Focus on healthy foods and staying hydrated
      Lastly, if you want to break the diet cycle, cut the bad foods out of your diet and start focusing on your healthier options such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, hormone free dairy, lean meats, etc. In addition, stay hydrated. Water is your friend, use it!

These five tips are going to help you break the diet cycle so you can be at a healthy, happy weight – now it is up to you to make up your mind to find the right diet for you and get it done!

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