Best Exercises for Rapid Weight Loss

Discover Weight Loss That Works!All forms of exercise are better than not engaging in any physical activity, especially if we would otherwise be spending that time doing things that are detrimental to our health, such as snacking, gulping sodas, or smoking. The more calories we burn, the more weight we lose. It is worth the time to begin moderate exercise so we can build up our strength and endurance to lower our blood pressure, increase muscle mass and burn more calories. While any physical exercise is beneficial, when it comes to rapid weight loss, there are specific exercises and body areas we should target to get the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time:

The importance of weight lifting: You don’t have to be a body builder, or want to look like a body builder, in order to gain some extraordinary benefits from lifting weights. Scientists at the University of Colorado, Denver, discovered that seventy minutes of resistance training burned as many calories as fifty minutes of running at 70% of maximum capacity. This also adds muscle to the body and strengthens bones. As one pound of muscle burns about 50 more calories each day than a pound of fat, any weight lifting will be extremely beneficial for us to rapidly lose and permanently keep off the weight.

Target your tummy: We all have belly fat, some of which is needed to protect our internal organs. When we have too much abdominal fat, we are more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia, and even many forms of cancer. Belly fat loves inactivity. Even thinner people who don’t engage in regular physical exercise are likely to develop this kind of fat. In addition to staying active, there are specific exercises than can target the fat around our tummies and reduce the risk for these ailments. Focus on having intense workouts, rather than just the duration of the workouts. We should ideally be doing an intense cardio workout at least five times a week. We should also strengthen our core muscles by working our abs, which can include doing crunches. Muscle tone in the tummy will not only lead to a flatter tummy, it will still help us burn extra calories.

Maximize a total body workout: Lifting weights will definitely help us build muscle and burn more calories, but we should exercise our entire bodies to we can see the tone underneath the layers of fat. Intense cardio workouts definitely burn the most calories, while doing this for the entire body helps us see the fastest results throughout the body. In addition, it is generally understood that this is among the greatest workouts for beginners. We can begin by doing squats, starting with standing with our feet apart at about the width of our hips, then pretending to sit, until we slowly return to the starting position. This not only works the stubborn areas of the hips, behind and thighs, it helps burn fat while increasing muscle. We should then exercise our arms and chest by lifting dumbbells over our chest at arms’ length, preferably while being on an exercise bench. If we do not have dumbbells, we can use soup cans, jars, or anything that provides weight resistance. Medicine balls, or any other types of heavier balls or dumbbells, can be used to combine weight lifting along with cardiovascular exercises. These can be used to provide extra resistance during crunches or sit-ups, which help target the abdomen while increasing muscle tone. Even tossing the ball back and forth, whether or not this is incorporated into other exercises, will increase upper body tone and strength.

Never forget the importance of diet: The Amino Diet makes this easy by allowing five healthy, low-glycemic meals to be eaten throughout the day. This helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels while also speeding the metabolism, as we are avoiding the longer gaps between meals. By providing the right foods to fuel the muscles rather than build fat, we are giving ourselves the edge that keeps our metabolisms revved while burning the fat that has been accumulating over the years. Most of our clients lose 15-30 pounds their very first month just by using the Amino Diet, which helps us jump start our weight loss while giving us additional energy. By initially losing this weight, we are better able to do the exercises that help us lose more weight and improve our health.


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