Balance May Be More Important Than Portions

Just like it’s easy to gain weight when you eat the wrong things, it’s easy to lose weight when you eat the right things. But the weight loss industry is obsessed with portion sizes. This is because dieticians take calories literally. The more food you eat, the more calories you ingest. Too many calories and you get fatter. Too few, and you lose weight. Natural weight loss however, is a lot more simple than they make it out to be. Diets do work, but you’ve got to have the right plan.

The way to healthy weight loss is through a balanced diet. When you give your body the nutrients it needs, and you exercise – you’ll lose weight. Preparing tiny, ridiculous portion sizes is not the way to go. If you feel hungry, eat. But eat food that will keep your blood sugar low and eat often to speed up your metabolic rate and burn more fat throughout the day. The key to a balanced diet is simple. Fruit and vegetables are extremely good for you. They should make up one third of you daily intake of food.

Your body also needs protein and carbs daily. The trick here is to select healthy options; lean proteins, white meat, chicken, fish, beans, vegetables, fruit and certain dairy.  Steer clear of sauces, dressings and extras – if you want to improve the flavor, add sugar free spices. People tend to think of healthy food as tiny, not very tasty meals. All the delicious things you love are drenched in fat, or covered in sugar. The thing is, healthy, fresh food is the best kind. The top chefs in the world don’t cook with anything else.

Balance is the most important part of any daily meal. Right now the food that you put into your body is very one sided. You probably don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables. Most of your meals are all processed carbs, fatty meat and saturated fats. The ‘fast food’ mindset tells you that it’s a great idea to eat burgers and chips. But you only need one carb, and one meat portion to feel full.

Remember, you want to speed up your metabolism. The food that you eat is the first step in this process. Your fuel needs to be used for the right reasons. It can’t end up as stored fat. So if you’re worried about tiny portion sizes and starving – don’t. It’s a huge adjustment, switching from a bad diet to a good one.

Make the transition slowly, and phase out the bad foods that are making you fat. Incorporate delicious healthy foods that you can snack on. There is no need to starve. As long as your meals are balanced, you’ll find that you will become less hungry. Your dependency on carbs to fill you up will fall away. For the first few weeks if you have to fill up your plate with veggies, then do it. Your body doesn’t need to consume a ton of food in order to feel great.

This will be a psychological test for you, and it will be challenging. Food is not there to make you feel good, or to sooth your emotions. It only exists to keep us healthy and in good shape.

Eating has become very backward in this modern day and age. Just because there is a fast food joint on the corner, doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat there. When you eat out, stick to a balanced meal. Go to restaurants that have health options. A Burger King, or McDonalds is not what you want.

The Liquid Amino Diet is a based around 5 meals a day and focuses on low glycemic foods that provide uninterrupted fuel for your metabolism. On average our customers lose ½ – 1 pound per day, staying full and feeling great. For more information call our Health Coaches toll free 1-800-980-7208 or see why over 100,000 people “Like” us on Facebook.


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