Balance Hormones & Burn Fat

Balance Hormones, Burn FatAs we age our hormonal levels drop, causing many of the problems we associate with aging.  This can include weight gain, memory lapses and brittle bones, among other problems.  The risks of heart disease, diabetes and stroke all go up significantly as we get older.  While we are always going to age for the duration of our lives, we do not have to assume that obesity and ill health are side effects of our aging.

Exercise in and of itself helps us lose weight, builds muscle mass and bone density, improves our mental health and reduces the risk of many serious diseases.  It can also help us balance and regulate our hormones, even if we have gone over that proverbial hill.  Studies have shown that levels of estrogen, testosterone and human growth hormone are significantly higher in men and women who have recently completed a cardiovascular workout compared to those who have not.  This is even true among elderly patients.  Balancing these hormones helps us lose fat, gain muscle mass, gain bone density and improve our overall physical and mental health.

Human growth hormone in particular has long been shown to cause weight loss while building muscle tone.  It is known as the “master hormone” because it regulates the other hormones and helps maintain metabolism.  Exercise increases our levels of HGH in the bloodstream, thereby regulating our other hormones and helping us burn fat while increasing muscle.  Because HGH will also help us burn fat even in our inactive times, increasing lean muscle is vital to our overall health.

Those who are concerned about the adverse effects of aging also need to incorporate a hormone balancing diet plan into their lifestyle in order to help them look and feel younger. The Amino Diet program is designed to help balance hormones, resulting in rapid, healthy weight loss. The Amino Diet teaches us how to regulate insulin, while increasing glucagon levels. Glucagon is the “fat burning hormone” that specifically uses mid-section fat for energy. The Amino Diet program also helps prevent insulin from storing glucose in cells, which in turn becomes fat.   Those who have higher levels of glucagon with regulated levels of insulin also experience more energy and stamina, along with a faster metabolism.

Even if we have gone “over the hill”, it does not mean we need to pick up speed on the way down.  Exercise, increasing lean muscle and a healthy diet is the key to good health, returning our hormonal levels and our bodies to their optimal state.

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