Does your spice rack look like this? Save money and be healthier by making your own spice blends!

Cooking healthy with spices

Whenever you are dieting it is important that you have variety in your menu to avoid getting bored and looking for foods outside of the approved list. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing spices. But BEWARE – we don’t mean by using spice blends that you find at the store. Although they may be easier, the bulk of store bought seasoning mixes are full of preservatives, fillers, sugars (or sugar alcohols), and other chemicals that go against what we are trying to accomplish in the body. If you ever look on the back of a spice blend you will see things like:

  • modified food starch
  • Partially Hydrogenated oils – we all no that this is a big no no for so many reasons. It could show up as canola or soybean oil.
  • Sugars
  • and more…

So how can you still get a lot of flavor in your food without using these blends? The best thing you can do is of course use fresh herbs whenever possible. But what modern day person can do this? So… add one more step to your Amino Diet prep work and make your own spice blends using things like garlic powder, dried thyme, etc. You don’t have to dry them yourself. Generally store bought versions of these do not have all the additives that spice blends have. You can make up a good size batch and only have to do this a few times a year. It sounds extremely tedious but I promise – this is actually one of the easier things you will have to prepare. Although we have multiple spice blend ideas that you can make, my personal favorite is Cajun Seasoning. I usually make a much larger batch than is on the recipe and then use it for lots of different recipes. Yum!

Another positive to doing this? You will save money in the long run. Spice blends can add up and using a few different versions a week means buying multiple bottles. Buy a few staples and you can make your own variety and in whatever quantity you’ll actually use!

Check out Amino Diet alum’s take on spices then start mixing your own today! Give us a call at 800-980-7208 if you have any questions!

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