How To Avoid A Sedentary Lifestyle

Ideas to help avoid a sedentary lifestyleIt is easy having our bodies become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle.  We hope we can start looking and feeling better, having more physical and mental energy, yet we do not always know what to do other than hope.  We can make a plan and follow through the methods in order to increase our strength and stamina.

  • Start with a walk:  Depending on our level of physical health, we can try walking half-a-mile, one mile, two miles or more in the beginning.  Carry a stop watch to see how long it takes us to complete walking a certain distance.  Each day, try to walk faster with fewer stops during that walk.  If you can manage walking half a mile in ten minutes, see how soon the time can be cut down to 7 or 8 minutes.  Then try to spend 15 minutes (or less) walking a full mile.  If possible, slowly raise the amount of distance traveled to 2, 3 or 4 miles while increasing the rate of speed.  If you can walk four miles in an hour (or less), see if walking uphill or up stairs can be included during the walk.  This can also be done on shorter walks.  By walking regularly, we can learn to push our limits a little bit at a time to help us become more physically fit.  Walking is also a weight-bearing exercise that can help us strengthen our muscles and joints as well as losing weight, gaining endurance, improving heart health and lowering cholesterol.
  • Add a few resistance exercises:  This can be done with free weights or even cartons of milk and other household items.  Start by doing a few repetitions with each item, taking breaks when necessary.  Slowly increase the resistance by doing more repetitions with larger amounts of weight.  This can even be done while watching the TV, reading newspapers or listening to music.  Pool exercises are also a form of resistance exercise.  Water exercises are ideal for those who risk fracture, have severe arthritis and other forms of chronic pain.  Short bursts of swimming can also offer a cardiovascular workout while doing resistance exercises.  If you do not own a pool, check with the local YMCA or research other places near you that offer pool exercises.

I encourage you to start by doing an activity that you enjoy and remember to ask yourself how different you’ll look and feel in a year if you start and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Then ask yourself how you will look and feel in a year if you keep doing exactly what you have been doing.  You will be a year older no matter what you do – but you have the choice in determining where you want to be in that year.  It really is that simple!

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