Are low calorie diets healthy?

Are Low Calorie Diets healthy?There are a lot of diet options out there, and some of them advocate very low calorie diets, or low calorie consumption. The question that arises in most people’s mind is whether or not a low calorie diet can be done in a healthy way. The answer is, it depends. The following are the things to consider when determining if a low calorie diet is healthy and right for you:

How long are you limiting your calories?

While limiting calories for the short term can have some significant health and weight loss benefits, in the long term if it is continued for too long can mean compromised health. That is why we recommend doing only 90 days at a time on the Liquid Amino Diet (minimum 30).  Your body and mind will need a break after this time and then you can start again after taking a break.

What foods compromise the calories you get?

Some low calorie diets suggest you replace foods with synthetic substances, such as powders or drinks that have supplements and man made vitamins. While this may work for weight loss, this isn’t the healthiest option available to you.  Do not replace food with powders, replace high calorie foods with low calorie foods. For example, instead  of eating a chili cheese dog at lunch, look for a healthier option such as a salad with 5 ounces of grilled chicken.  If you are getting your daily calories from nutrient rich, low calorie foods, then your health is not being sacrificed for weight loss. Choose a low calorie diet like the Liquid Amino Diet that while restricting your calories, insists that those calories come from lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, some healthy fats and whole grains. This will not deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  The Amino Diet Plus drops will also help your body to burn the unwanted fats deposited in your body which will help provide additional calories and nutrients to your body, while still protecting lean muscle.

Exercise has so many benefits, including weight loss, but while on low calorie diets, like Liquid Amino Diet, you need to carefully monitor how much you do. Working out in a zone 1 or for 30 minutes of light cardio is okay – and actually recommended. If you choose to workout more than that, however, you need to follow our Liquid Amino Diet ACTIVE plan as outlined your guidebook.  Actual weight loss between someone on the regular protocol and the ACTIVE protocol is similar – although there are many additional benefits to exercising.

So, is a low calorie diet healthy? It can be, and it can be a great way to lose weight, but it can also result in illness and compromised immune systems if it is not done properly. The Liquid Amino Diet is a perfect balance of supplementation and healthy diet to keep you safe and maximize weight loss.  Consult a physician before starting any low calorie diet.

If you have any questions, you can speak with the certified health coaches at 1-800-980-7208.

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