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Amino Diet Review: Yvonne is down 52 pounds so far!!

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013

Weight Loss Program ResultsI have struggled with my weight for 17 years.  I have five children and most of my weight accumulated after my last pregnancy with twins.  I decided two years ago to get weight loss surgery.  I knew a few friends who had it and it worked for them.  I realized that I was not interested in going under the knife so to speak so I canceled the surgery.

The amino diet caught my attention while surfing the internet.  I read all the information on the drops and decided to try it out

 Initially, I was a little apprehensive to start the Amino Diet because I have tried so many products to lose weight and failed.   After the 1st week I had lost 5.5lbs so I got excited and was motivated to continue.  I felt great with my energy level.

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The easiest part for me was the change in the type of foods on the list.  There is a great variety of foods and choices.  The struggle was the water intake I wasn’t a water person but I managed to get over the hump of drinking it now it’s the only fluid I enjoy!

The best part was having my old clothes sag off of me and having to go shopping and not being ashamed to take pictures or be out of breath from walking.

I lost  52 lbs after 11 weeks and was astonished at how good I felt.  I am convinced that Amino Diet is what’s going to help save my life.  I can do activities with my kids again and go out with friends dancing.  I started out in a size 26 pants now I’m in a size 18 pants.  I started out with a body fat % of 67.7 now I have a body fat % of 48.9.  My BMI started out at 54.2 now it’s 49.8.  My weight started out at 409.4 lbs now my weight is 357.4. I have sleep apnea and asthma.  I haven’t had an episode with either of the two conditions.

My doctor gave me positive feedback on the Amino Diet. Everyone I know is complimenting me and giving me support.  They are encouraging me to stay healthy and continue to lose the weight. I plan to continue on the Amino Diet into phase II.  I also will continue until I reach my desired weight.  The staff at Amino Diet has been wonderful.  The support is awesome.  Thank you Amino Diet for being a part of my life and getting me back on the right track.

Join Yvonne and the thousands of other Amino Dieters by clicking below or calling 800-980-7208 and speaking with a health coach! 

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.