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Amino Diet Review- Michelle

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My life 20 pounds later is amazing! Each year for the past 10 years I have made a resolution to change my eating habits and lose weight. The weight I needed to loose was not much, but after 3 kids your body changes, and if you do not stay on top of being healthy it may never go back to the same body you may  have had in your 20’s. 

This year I was going to stick to my resolution and I was determined to try one more weight loss attempt. I found Liquid Amino online and saw that it was similar to HCG, however after reading more into it I noticed I was allowed to eat more calories and more foods I loved and it didn’t seem like a weight loss challenge I would fail. I gave it a shot.

In October 2012 I started the drops and the first week I lost almost 5 lbs, I was shocked. My next challenge was to get through the second week; even after all the cravings I was having I survived. I knew my body was detoxing all the bad stuff out of my body and I was excited to get past this week. SUCCESS, I was down 10 lbs! This was amazing. 

In my third week I had a trip planned to travel back home to see family, I was not sure how well I could hold back my cravings while being around good food all the time. I ate some of my favorites, but in moderation and only gained a few pounds back  also had a stall. Once I did a VLCD day upon my return home, the next day I lost those few pounds and was back on track.

Because I did not have a whole bunch of weight to loose I seemed to have hit a plateau in my next couple weeks with .5 pounds – 2 pounds here and there, but if it was still coming off I was happy. During the second month I was down 15 pounds and was looking into how I would change my habits after Amino.

Without the cravings anymore for the chocolates and fatty foods I was able to explore and try new recipes and actually fell in love with cooking again, but the healthy way. I now make my own gluten free breads for my family which are much better to digest than breads you may buy in the store. Even though I don’t crave bread much, I do have a little nibble every now and again with some almond butter (way better than peanut butter), and I feel better about what I am putting into my body. The Amino recipes are not just protocol to the drops the recipes can be made for the entire family and it doesn’t make you seem      like you are cooking 2 separate meals each day!

My goal is to loose another 6 pounds but after loosing 20 pounds in 3 months I know the last 6 is easy!

My weight loss has inspired others to ask what I am doing and I have already had 8 people tell me they have either ordered it or started loosing weight with it! The best part is when people notice and say, “Have you lost weight?”, I smile and say yes! My clothes in my closet are very baggy on me right now, but the treat to myself after the last 6 pounds is lost will be to donate all my larger clothes and buy some new stuff!

I am glad I am an inspiration to those I know and hope I can be an inspiration to those I do not know through my story! Thank you Amino Diet!

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.