Aerobic vs. Anaerobic

What is the difference between Aerobic vs. AnaerobicWhat is the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise and which one is better to do while following the ACTIVE program? Aerobic exercise is the presence of oxygen to help fuel the metabolism, while anaerobic is the absence of oxygen.

During aerobic exercise, your muscles have plenty of fuel and oxygen and can contract repeatedly without getting fatigued.  This allows you to exercise for a longer period of time, burning fat & calories.

Most people associate anaerobic exercise with weight lifting.  In reality it can be any high intensity exercise that creates non-oxygen conditions in the muscle cells, sprinting is an example of such an exercise.  During anaerobic exercise the muscle cells switch to burning mainly carbohydrates, which burn quickly and do not require oxygen.

So which is most important?

A combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise is needed to achieve lasting muscle tone and loss of body fat. It is important to increase your calories according to the plan. Doing too much and not increasing calories enough will cause you to strip muscles of the essential amino acids and protein, and will actually put your body into a starvation mode which will hinder your weight loss results.

Try finding an exercise you enjoy doing and stick with it.  As you start to feel comfortable with one exercise, find another that you can add to your routine and then start to switch it up. You’re knowledge base will increase with time and experience.  Call our Health Coaches at 1-800-980-7208 with any questions!

PS – Don’t forget to take the recommended supplements during the program to help preserve your muscle!

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