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At Liquid Amino Diet, our goal is to find the products that will work for you with the best price possible – so we’ve made a list to make it easier. The booklet you received with your purchase gives you a complete list of recommended supplements and other products that can be used to make your body feel even healthier and make your experience on the Liquid Amino Diet even more successful. Below is a list of recommended products – just click on the name to find out where to purchase them.

Dual Support SupplementDual Support
 is a comprehensive formula that has specific ingredients made to boost toxins from the liver. Liver detox can benefit both physical and mental health. Once the liver detox starts, your physical body will feel lighter, immune function will increase, skin will clear, bowels function will be increased, and you will have more energy. Mentally, Dual Detox will remove the toxins that can affect your brain. The toxins are removed therefore causing concentration to be better, you will feel less fatigued/irritable, and it will help sleep to be more sound and peaceful. Sounds great right? Our formula also provides the activated B vitamins to enhance effectiveness.

 Stevia  is one of our favorite things that we recommend our dieters to use. It is the only approved sweetener for the program. Stevia is an herb that grows in parts of South America and it is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar. A little goes a long way! Our favorite brand is SweetLeaf – it comes in different flavors as well! For the dieters that love chewing gum, SteviaDent is a very good brand – it helps promote healthy teeth and it has amazing flavor, too. Below are the places we’ve found to be the best and the cheapest.

Natural Edge Whey Protein is our most recommended brand of protein powder. The Natural Edge is specifically formulated to stabilize metabolism and maintain a healthy digestion. The 20 grams of protein per serving will help keep you fuller even longer. It does not contain any carbohydrates or fat, but it tastes great and comes in both chocolate and vanilla. It can help you transform your body without aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), acesulfame potassium (ace-k), hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors, and fillers.

Apple Cider Vinegar (organic)  is a remedy that has been used for decades and is becoming increasingly popular. ACV has countless health benefits – specifically, it will help relieve water retention, boost metabolism, wash out bodily toxins, and help with constipation/ease digestion. If weight loss is ever stalled, taking up to 2 tablespoons each day could get the scale moving again. ACV is not very appetizing on it’s own, and works best when it has been diluted in water. It’s best to get creative – mix it in a dressing or cook with it to add some extra flavor to the dishes. If that doesn’t work, 1 tbsp can even be diluted in 8 oz of water and taken that way.

Smooth Move Tea  is an herbal laxative tea. Sometimes your body is not used to the foods that are required on the diet, which can cause the body to feel backed up. It is formulated to help get things moving again – which should help ease the boated feeling in your stomach. Made with all natural ingredients, Smooth Move Tea is the safe and healthy way to get your body back on track.

We also recommend some additional supplements for your overall health/ success on the diet. A Daily Multivitamin is most recommended; it promotes your overall health and wellness. It gives you a well-rounded amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. One formulated for your specific gender and age category is best. Omega 3 can be taken to help lower cholesterol, which slows the growth of plaque and buildup in the arteries. We recommend taking an Omega3 supplement with a high level of EPA/DHA and taking a minimum of 3,000 mg, or 3 g, per day. If you are a diabetic or are insulin resistant, we recommend taking a minimum of 5,000 mg, or 5 g, per day. Other vitamins such as Vitamin D-3, we recommend 5,000 IU’s daily, and B-12 will help with metabolism, blood pressure, blood sugar, and will increase your energy.  Any high quality brand of these will work.

For more information on products you may need to get started, click here! 

Health coaches are available at 1-800-980-7208. to assist you in ordering Dual Detox and Protein powder – they are sold directly from Liquid Amino Diet.  ACV, Smooth Move Tea, and Sweetleaf are all sold through an outside website. Just click on the link to order.

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