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Dr. Humble Finsand

Dr. Humble Finsand

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Liquid Amino Diet. We are very excited to make this amazing weight loss program available to you.  Dr. Finsand worked closely with internationally renowned doctors and scientists to develop a diet plan that combines homeopathic supplementation with a balanced menu to produce rapid weight loss, speed up metabolism, and much more.

Meet Dr. Humble Finsand

The Liquid Amino Diet was developed and founded by Dr. Humble Finsand, a chiropractic physician and the co-owner of Liquid Diet. Dr. Finsand has helped thousands of people lose weight at his clinic based in Utah and online with the Amino Diet weight loss plan.

He received his professional degree in 2000 as a Doctor of Chiropractic, before that he was a certified personal trainer & fitness coach. At his clinic, Pro-Active Health, he continues to work daily with patients, treating and consulting about chiropractic, nutrition, weight loss and fitness. Dr. Finsand is an active member of the Institute of Functional Health, which focuses on restoring health and function, rather than simply controlling signs and symptoms. His philosophy is to look at all components that contribute to health and illness: nutrition, physical activity, obesity, and the environment, among others. In practice for over 10 years, he remains on the forefront of advances in nutrition, weight loss and optimum wellness and is passionate about sharing research findings and treatment solutions for patients and the general public.

After seeing the success of the Amino Diet weight loss plan with tens of thousands of patients and customers, Dr. Finsand then began developing the Amino Diet Diabetes program. This program follows the same guidelines as the weight loss program – low glycemic diet, and homeopathic supplementation – but has added supplements and guidelines to specifically fit type 2 diabetics.

Both programs have shown amazing success in helping people reach their weight loss goals, get healthy, and improve their quality of life.

Certified Health Coaches

One key to succeeding on any weight loss program is having a strong support system. Liquid Amino Diet has a team of certified health coaches that have been trained and educated in health and wellness, and specifically – the Amino Diet programs. They are available to answer questions 7 days a week via email and phone.

The Liquid Amino Diet certified health coaches have helped thousand of people lose weight and can be a powerful tool to help you succeed. Utilize their help while on the program, AND afterwards to help you keep the weight off.

Have questions? Give the health coaches a call at 1-800-980-7208.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.