5 Tips to Sticking to The Liquid Amino Diet

Tips to sticking to Amino DietOne of the hardest parts of dieting is sometimes having the determination and motivation to stick to it during your weak moments.  We all get them while dieting.  It’s normal. The Liquid Amino Diet itself isn’t that hard, but everyone could use a few tips to make it even easier to follow so you have the best chance of being successful. If you are using the Liquid Amino Diet here are some helpful tips that will help you stick to it:

Tip # 1 – Measure your results

To help stick to the diet, you need to keep track of how well you have been doing with your individual weight loss and inches loss. Are you using a journal to track how much weight you have lost each day? Keeping a journal not only allows you to track your weight loss results, and allows you to track what you are eating. This way you will be able to see which foods are helping you with your rapid weight loss efforts and what things are stalling them. Include the days when you use a personal product or eat a food that is not approved on the list to see if these cause any stalls.

Tip # 2 – Shop with a list and prepare your meals early

A great way to help you stick to the Liquid Amino diet is to make a list of all the foods you are allowed to eat and which foods you need to pick up at the store. Try to not allow yourself to go back to the store multiple times per week because this will not only cause you to spend more money on impulse items, but it can cause you to pick up things like cookies and treats that are not part of your diet plan. It also helps to prepare your meals ahead of time so you can grab them and head out the door when you are on your way to work. Use  baggies to make up a few snacks that you can take with you like apple slices or celery sticks. This way you can quickly grab them when you are in need of a snack. Each weekend take the time to sit down and write out all of your meals for the week or the next few weeks, this is a simple way to make sure you have all the ingredients you need and it helps you stick to the diet.

Tip # 3 – Get a support group

If you know you struggle with diets and sticking to new routines, get a support group to help you out. Tell your close friends and loved ones so they can help you when you go out to clubs and restaurants. Having that support group around you will help you keep focused, plus it’s always nice to know that you aren’t alone and other people are pulling for you to become successful.  We have an amazing support group on facebook with many members who help each other out and answer questions.  You can find it at www.facebook.com/aminodiet.

Tip # 4 – Change your foods

There will be times when it is tough to drink the same tea each morning. Do not eat or drink the exact same things each day, as this might make the diet tedious. You have unlimited multiple herbal tea options available so you might as well try them out to see which ones you like. The great thing about the different teas is that you can easily drink 3-4 different types throughout the day if you are getting sick and tired of water. Try to eat different proteins throughout the day to mix up your diet and to make sure you are getting the different nutrients you need.

Tip # 5 – Season your food

Eating a lot of chicken and fish will become dull and bland if you don’t take advantage of the seasonings you are allowed to have. You can use lemon juice to season your foods or your drinks. You can use apple cider vinegar along with modest salt and pepper, oregano, and even cinnamon. Get creative with the different seasonings you can use and start building delicious dishes.

If you have questions, give the certified health coaches a call: 1-800-980-7208.

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