5 Steps for Successful Fat Loss during the Holidays

  1. tips to survive the holidayDo any physical activity you can as much as you can.  Are you able to climb the stairs at work rather than take the elevator?  Can you find time to park further away from the door and do a brisk walk?  How do you spend those 30 minutes between the shows you really like?  Hopefully, this all involves doing some sort of exercise.  All of these little things add up to give big results.  Look for ways to stay more active.  Go for a walk with your family while dinner is in the oven.  Lift weights, ride a stationary bike or do beginner ball workouts while the news is on.  STAY ACTIVE.  This will increase not only your rate of metabolism while doing these things but will also help the rate of basal (resting) metabolism.
  2.  2. Change your mind, change your life. If you are like most Americans, you have an unhealthy relationship with food.  The purpose of food is to give us the energy our bodies need to perform its needed functions.  Food is not meant to be a cure for boredom, therapy for an unhappy day or a reward for a job well done.  An occasional treat will usually not harm anyone but we have become a culture obsessed with snacking our way through life’s tribulations.  Over time, a bunch of little, unhealthy snacks become a major health concern.  Pay attention to what you eat and when you eat it.  Make a point to read labels.  Know where your calories are coming from and how many calories you actually eat each day. Stay away from processed foods, fast foods and partially hydrogenated oils.
  3.  3. Start eating a healthy diet.  This usually begins by planning the time to actually prepare and eat a healthy meal and should be a priority.  Strive to have sit-down dinners with your family rather than having everyone be in charge of his or her own food.  Have healthy snacks like cut vegetables or fresh fruit within arm’s reach at all times. We are fortunate that, unlike most of the world, fresh fruits and vegetables are actually rather inexpensive.  They are certainly less expensive than eating out or buying prepackaged, processed or frozen meals.  Get the family involved to help out and put an emphasis on eating the right foods, together as a family.  Even the teenager who never cooks will usually be more likely to eat a meal that he or she has helped prepare.  For that matter, whether you have a tiny terrace or large yard, you can get the family involved in growing some of the foods that you will eat.  Studies have shown that even little kids take pride in and eat foods from a garden they helped manage.  This helps put an emphasis on where healthy foods come from rather than “convenient” processed or fast foods.
  4.  4. Remember that YOU are setting an example.  Do you want your family to have your diet and exercise habits?  If the answer is anything but an enthusiastic “yes”, you need to change your lifestyle.  Buy healthy foods, encourage more time as a family doing physical activities, turn off the TV and spend less time on the phone or computer.  Some activities can be combined so you have more time for family sports or preparing a healthy dinner.  Make the time for positive change and your family may be inspired to do the same.  Remember that obese and diabetic kids almost always have obese and diabetic parents.  If you are single, get started on making a healthier lifestyle and see if you can inspire your friends to do the same.  Be the change you want to see happen in the world.
  5.  5. Get started.  Let’s have a reality check.  All of the best intentions in the universe do not amount to a hill of beans.  Just go out and do what needs to be done.  Do not spend years wishing you had done something sooner.  Start eating a healthy diet today.  Do not buy that soda today.  Take the stairs today.  Go for a walk today.  Spend those commercial breaks doing manual chores today.  Do exercises while watching the news today.  365 todays will give you an incredible tomorrow.

If you need assistance or a little more direction you can speak to one of our certified health coaches for free with no obligation, call 1-800-980-7208. At Amino Diet we have helped tens of thousands of people successfully lose weight, without starving themselves and we can help you too.  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and let’s plan on an amazing New Year!

Authored by Dr. Humble Finsand

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