10 Minute Workout For Your Busy Day

Busy Day WorkoutIn phase 2 of the Liquid Amino Diet, we encourage you to start incorporating workouts or activities that involve getting up and getting your heart pumping.  We understand that a lot of you are busy, but with this easy to follow (no gym equipment required) 10 minute plan – there are no more excuses!

Do this workout once a day for a good metabolism boost, or repeat it a few times throughout the day to maximize your results!   You will notice that most of these work the bigger muscles in the legs – this is for maximum results in a short time.

Take one minute to read through this, and then 10 minutes to start a change and burn some extra calories while you are at it.

  •  Minute 1 – March in place
  • Minute 2 – Jog in place
  • Minute 3 – Jumping Jacks
  • Minute 4 – Long jumps (jump forward as far as you can, land with bent knees to protect your joints)
  • Minute 5 – Jog in place
  • Minute 6  – Alternating knee lifts – Reach above your head then touch your knee with both hands as you bring it up.
  • Minute 7 – Squat and kick, alternating legs (In your squat make sure you drop your rear end backwards and keep your knees even with your toes.)
  • Minute 8 – Jog in place
  • Minute 9 – High Jumps – pick a spot high on the wall or door frame and jump to touch it.
  • Minute 10 – Cool down – walk in place and shake out your legs.

If you have reached phase 2 of the program, you have already lost some weight. Don’t lose that momentum – start building on those healthy habits and you will keep the weight off for good! This can also be used if you are in phase 1 and have gone over your calories a bit – this short 10 minute workout shouldn’t require you switching to the ACTIVE program for the day.

If you have questions, call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208.

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